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Harness the potential of a cloud based phone system with Atlas Communications

A hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system can help transform your business and with technology such as ISDN being phased out, it is the perfect time to consider hosted telephony — a modern, future-proof replacement that offers many benefits for your business!

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Hosted phone systems are


Packages can be tailored specifically to fit your business’ needs in the form of simple per user per month rentals


Enable easy remote working, perfect for staff working ‘on-the-road’ or staff working from home

Future Proof

Upgrades of the system are included, safeguarding your investment and ensuring a future-proof solution

Key features of VOIP solutions

Cost effective

Get advanced features such as call reporting & recording with minimal capital costs using a simple monthly rental model

Work from anywhere

Hosted VoIP can enable staff to work from anywhere, whether it’s from home or on-the-road.

Scale as you grow

Hosted PBX solutions allow you to quickly adapt your phone systems as your business scales or needs change. Just add more user subscriptions

Disaster recovery

Cloud based systems can help keep communications running, even if your office building is unavailable because infrastructure runs in the cloud

What is Hosted VOIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It features a set of technologies that enable calls to be made and received over the internet. Businesses can harness cloud hosted VoIP solutions to allow them to move away from traditional landlines and replace them with a modern, feature rich solution that has many advanced features such as, voicemail, call recording and call routing.

Cloud VoIP gives businesses full control over their telecommunications and provides a reliable solution that enables your team to function more efficiently.

VoIP telephony solutions are feature rich

  • Desktop and mobile apps

    Hosted VoIP solutions provide desktop and mobile apps as well as traditional corded or cordless handsets. These apps allow you to have the phone go with you and select what device you want to use to take or make calls

  • Call forwarding

    Take advantage of advanced call forwarding. If a team member is unavailable calls can be forwarded based on configureable rules or alternatively they can be forwarded to a single line all the time.

  • Call recording

    Telephony solutions built on VoIP enable real-time call recording. Recordings can be made available in either audio or text formats making it easier to parse the data. Recordings can be used for training, resolving customer issues, compliance and tracking metrics.

  • Auto-attendant

    Set up voice menus to route calls efficiently, saving your team time answering calls just to redirect them somewhere else. VoIP solutions enable you to define your voice menu, set up schedules and rules and create professional greetings for your company.

Other important features

Call routing

Ensure that every call gets where it needs to go

HD call quality

Experience clear and reliable call quality on every call

Voicemail to email

Send voicemails to your email address saving you time

Video conferencing

Meet with your team and customers face-to-face

Caller ID

See who is calling and, if integrated with your CRM, gather insights on the customer before picking up the phone enabling you to handle the call more effectively.

Top-level encryption

Take advantage of enterprise-level encryption and security built into your VoIP solution - VoIP is one of the most secure ways to make a phone call!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to invest in special VoIP phones?

    IP phones are great as they help you get the most out of your hosted VoIP service but they are not required, you can use PC Mac or mobile phone softphone apps and not have a phone on your desk

  • Can I keep my current business phone number?

    Yes, you can transfer your old number to your new hosted VoIP solution or choose a new number for your business if you wish to change numbers

  • I travel for work, can I take my phone with me?

    Yes, you can continue to make and receive calls as long as you have access to a stable internet connection by using a softphone app on your mobile phone or PC

Why partner with Atlas?

We are a wholly locally owned independent Internet Service Provider in Belfast.

We have developed a full range of business network solutions designed to keep your business running, all backed by local a local support team in Belfast.

From straightforward business broadband, through to complex networks for high capacity Internet driven businesses, we will work with you to provide the services that fit what you do.

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