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Why we love Panasonic (and you should, too!)

January 30, 2019

Why we love Panasonic (and you should, too!)

Written by Atlas Comms

To be completely transparent from the start of this blog, we are a Panasonic Expert partner & we regularly install & support Panasonic phone systems for our customers. The reason we wanted to highlight the KX-NS700 phone system is because we have found it to be a fantastic system; well featured and well positioned. The system is ideal in the SME space and its lifecycle costs compare well against hosted solutions over 3 to 5 years.  

The KX-NS700 is a rack or wall mountable server unit that supports analogue, digital and IP telephones, which can be deployed in any combination via the same hybrid system. It offers a wide range of Unified Communication (UC) features in addition to standard business class PBX functions. The server starts at a minimum of six extensions but can be scaled up to over 200 users.  


What it does


Smart Hybrid System

Capacity for both legacy and IP.

This means buyers do not have to change their cabling to benefit from ISDN to SIP migration. With IP phone capability ready to go when you are.

Built in Auto-Attendant

Manage call flows with ‘press 1 for, press 2 for’ functionality.  

This voice guidance & call routing feature helps improve operations at no additional cost.

Messaging System

A fully featured messaging system that provides voicemail to users including integration with email.

Improves working efficiencies as users can check their calls via email even when they are outside the office.

Call Centre Functionality  

Optional Call Centre functionality that includes queue announce, call pickup monitor, call recording and agent reporting.

These features help improve call handling and customer service, while call monitoring & reporting allow supervisors to survey and analyse inbound call activities.

Softphone Solution

Provision for PC and mobile softphones.

Ideal for remote workers or those working from home, who can access features and functions available from a physical desk handset via an IP softphone.


Full DECT network cordless capability.

Panasonic are one of the few manufacturers with a wholly owned & affordable network DECT cordless phone solution. Particularly good for roaming users in warehouses, factory floors and even retail. 

What do we like?

It’s Flexible

The smart hybrid system means companies have the flexibility to update systems gradually, with access to new technology such as SIP, even if your current infrastructure is not yet up to spec. This is especially useful for small businesses who want to spread the costs of updating their business telephones over time.

It’s Expandable

The setup of new extensions is extremely straightforward, allowing for future business expansion and businesses have a cost effective option for adding remote branches to the network via IP.

This has made the system particularly desirable to customers who want to ensure that the system is future proofed. Rather than spend money on expensive upgrades, especially with changes within telecoms including BTs ISDN switch off expected in 2025, being able to return investment and build on it instead, matters.

It’s an alternative to Hosted Telephony

Panasonic actively market the KX-NS700 as an alternative to cloud based telephony solutions and we have found that the system stands up well to these claims. In terms of lifecycle costs, it competes with Hosted solutions, particularly at the 3-5 year mark where the gap begins to widen in terms of costs. This is important for businesses to consider, especially as we would expect the average phone system to last 7+ years. Additionally with Hosted, you never actually own the product. 

The system is also highly scalable and offers a range of good quality UC features. As well as the distinct advantage of being able to run a mix of legacy and IP telephones, which offers great flexibility & value particularly for small businesses.  

Are you a KX-NS700 customer or reseller? What are your thoughts?

Share your opinions with us on Twitter @AtlasComms #PoweredByAtlas and share this article if you know any KX-NS700 users you think may be interested.

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