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Atlas announces partnership with Xirrus to bring high speed solution to Belfast Oldest Theatre

January 21, 2016

Atlas announces partnership with Xirrus to bring high speed solution to Belfast Oldest Theatre

Written by admin

Local Company Atlas Communications has announced the addition of Xirrus innovative Wi-Fi solutions to its product portfolio.

The partnership with Xirrus gives answers to the increasing demand from customers for reliable connectivity in public spaces where hundreds of thousands of people have been connecting to the Wi-Fi with in a confined area.

“It’s now seen as essential to offer public Wi-Fi access in any business premises, especially one where your customers will be spending time waiting. The traditional Wi-Fi solutions simply do not offer the required capabilities when the number of users grows from tens to hundreds in the one location. With the addition of Xirrus to the Atlas product portfolio these problems can be overcome,” said Manus Savage, Atlas Networks Sales Executive.

Such benefits have already been seen by Belfast’s Oldest Theatre, The Grand Opera House which has hundreds of patrons visiting night after night. They now have the ability to keep up with the high demand for connectivity that their customers have.

Mary-Clare Deane, Chief Executive at the Grand Opera House said “As the leading prestigious theatre venue we not only get thousands of people visiting us but we are also a listed building which made it a challenge to provide an up to date, high speed wireless service. I am delighted to say that Atlas has given us something that both we and the public can get excellent service from, even on our busiest days and nights.”

This is an example of what Atlas refers to as “intelligent Wi-Fi” Solutions, with the requirements driven as much by the marketing organisation as the IT team. With the ability to customise the landing page this solutions allows a more personalised level of engagement with customers. “The earlier generation of Wi-Fi was merely an open internet connection, which allowed unrestricted access to all websites. Intelligent Wi-Fi among other things affords filtered internet where unwanted or unsavoury sites can be restricted.” said Manus Savage, Atlas Networks Sales Executive.

By partnering with Xirrus, Atlas now has the ability to both support a large number of Wi-Fi users in a small area and a wide range of mobile devices in various types of venues. These wireless networks are both high performance and highly resilient as well as being easily scalable to fit the demand for connectivity that customers have.

We are delighted that Atlas joins Xirrus as a partner. They have well demonstrated their expertise and commitment to delivering fast, reliable Wi-Fi in challenging environments as exemplified in their Xirrus Wi-FI network deployment at the Grand Opera House, says Ian Bayly, VP EMEA Xirrus Wi-Fi.

Today, people expect ubiquitous Public Wi-Fi access and in dense environments, such as the Grand Opera House, Xirrus has the only Xtreme Density solution on the market to meet the growing needs for fast public Wi-Fi.”

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